Big 12 Headlines

What we learned this week was the Sooners are really good, and Kansas State is better than most people thought. Also, we learned that Texas A&M knows how to blow first half leads. The Aggies were up once again at half time  27-10 and found a way to lose the game. It seemed like a nightmare all over again. Oklahoma State had a much needed bye week to rest up some bumps and bruises before heading into a tough stretch of games. Kansas will be rolling into Stillwater looking  to pull a upset, while the pokes look to be  (5-0). The Cowboys are coming off a big win in college station, but Kansas shouldn’t give the Cowboys much problems. The big game heading into week 5 is the Red River rivalry game. Texas and OU will be looking to go at it once again. This should be a interesting match up. The Longhorns seem to have things straightened out, especially after a 30 point blowout against Iowa State, but OU hasn’t showed any signs of weakness either. The great thing about rivalry games is neither team has much of an advantage. Both teams have great athletes and great coaching. This game should be no disappointment to viewers. Both teams are undefeated and will be looking to take bragging rights.

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