It looks like the Big 12 South is coming down to the final game for a shot at the Big 12 title. The Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-1) will be looking to beat to beat the Oklahoma Sooners (9-2). The Cowboys havn’t beat the Sooners since the 2003-2004 season. Both teams have potent offenses that are very hard to stop. Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden, Justin Blackmon, and Kendall Hunter are the key to success for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. I beleive if these players step up and have a big game, the Cowboys will be victorious. Unfortunately, the Oklahoma Sooners also have three very good offensive players inluding Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles, and Demarco Murray. Justin Blackmon and Ryan Broyles are up for the Balitnickoff trophy, which is a trophy awarded to the best wide receiver in the nation. Justin Blackmon has 10 more touchdowns than Ryan Broyles, but Justin has also missed a game due to disciplinary problems. This is something to keep an eye on throughout the game. The Cowboys are coming off a big win versus Kansas, which gave coach Gundy his first 10 win season as a coach. The Sooners are coming off a blowout win versus Baylor, which was a primetime game. Also, for the second time in 3 years, Espn’s College Gameday will be in Stillwater. The last time College Gameday came to Stillwater the Pokes got beat, but this is a different year and different team. Oklahoma State was predicted by many sports analyst to finish almost dead last in the Big 12 South. I guess they were wrong about that. Many people questioned the Cowboys before the season started due to the loss of first round pick Dez Bryant. Also, they lost many star defensive players including Donald Booker, Patrick Levine, and Perish Cox. On the other hand, the Oklahoma Sooners lost star quarterback Sam Bradford, but since the Sooners reload on recruits each year, it’s not much of a loss. College Gameday will bring excitement to Stillwater, especially for the fans and students involved. College Gameday brings a lot of good things to a University. Many people around Stillwater say that this is one of the biggest games in Cowboy history. If the Cowboys manage to pull this game off, boy would it be something special and would mean a lot to Cowboy fans. Being a student at Oklahoma State and being able to be part of these last couple of seasons has been an awesome experience. I have been an Cowboy fan growing up as a little kid, and it would mean a lot if we could pull this game up and shut some of the Oklahoma Sooner fans up just a little bit. I’n not a biased fan, but I truely beleive that the Cowboys will win this time. The power of the Oklahoma State offense will be a little bit to much for the Sooners, and the Sooners will have no answer for Justin Blackmon and the Oklahoma state Cowboys once Bedlam comes rolling around next week in Stillwater.

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