Best in da business!

This video went viral because it is the newest version of the Apple iPhone. The video gives the viewers the best desciption of the phone and its new features. It gets the potential target market to buy the phone. The video is good because it gives us all the information regarding the new iPhone. It shows us different angles and views of the phone, which is important. Every person that is interested in the phone will want to know what the phone looks like. People want to know the  look, similarities, features, shape, and size of the new phone. Also, at the beginning of the video, it shows a small glimps of how they make the phone. The video doesn’t show any things I would change. It is an overall good video that shows me what the new phone is all about. This video will have an impact on viewers and consumers that are interested in the new iPhone. It is obviously and amazing phone and the video shows us every reason to buy it.

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