OSU Homecoming History!

What began as a small carnival in the twentieth century has now evolved into one of the greatest homecoming’s in the nation. With the support of alumni along the way our homecoming would not be what it is today. Osu’s homecoming has grown into a week-long event that draws friends, family, and visitors from around the nation to Stillwater each fall.  The very first homecoming was held as part of the Harvest Carnival in the fall of 1913, but it wasn’t until seven years later that the OSU Alumni Association hosted the first official homecoming celebration. In 1930, the first homecoming made it’s way down main street. More than 17,000 alumni returned to Oklahoma A&M that year to come back and visit old friends and show their pride for Oklahoma State. In 1942 and 1944, homecoming was combined with Dad’s and Mothers day’s and was sponsored by the YMCA. Following the war in 1946, there was a record attendance of 20,000 alumni and the largest parade was held including more than 50 floats, six  bands and other community entries. Since then OSU’s Homecoming had become “Americas Greatest Homecoming Celebration,” drawing more than 70,000 alumni back to campus. OSU’s Homecoming has been recongnized and rewarded for its excellence. CASE International has recongnized OSU’s Homecoming as a Seal of Excellence recipient. This is the highest award that can be given only to programs that serve as role models for others. Recently, homecoming at OSU has launched on the web with photo albums, video’s highlights, and live streaming for people to go and look to see what the best homecoming in the nation is all about.

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