Keep your head up

This black and white picure is interesting. The first thing that came to mind while glancing at this picture was how upset this women is from her physical appearance. It looks as if she had heard some tragic news about a family member or friend to look like this. Everything in this picture stands out to me including her hair, hands,shirt, and body language. Issue’s in this image include the way that this women looks. It looks like she isn’t in a good mood and is upset about something. The black and white photography is presented this way because it helps convey a stong mood and emotion of this women. The black and white image helps the viewer understand the meaning of the image in a unique way. This story is effective because it is symbolized by the lighting and color of the image. The black and white brings out emotion and mood to the picture more than anything else. Most pictures now are in color in todays world. When pictures are in black and white is shows the effectivness and conveys a stronger message.

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