The Walk!

Start: This picture has a lot of spirit in it. It shows the lead of the people involved in the spirit walk on the left of the page, and it also shows some of the fans awaiting for the walk to happen while looking at pistol pete taking a picture with some guys. I will crop the picture to give it a more unique characteristic and focus more on my friends and the meaning of the photo.

Finish: I decided to insert “Go Pokes” in the middle of the guys  because it gives the picture more spirit with the people who are importantly invloved in the picture. I chose the “rough” font because football is a rough sport and I thought this font was appropriate for the picture. I also added a border that helps magnify the picture to the people that were important. Lastly, I added some sharpness to the picture to help the overall meaning of the photo. During “the walk” people want to have a lot of spirit and the sharpness helps the orange stand out.

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