Bad Image For Agents Issue

Recently I thought about an issue to talk about, and the first thing that came to my mind was sports agents. It seems as if sports agents now a days are getting involved way too much with college players who are “pro potential”. These agents are approaching underclassmen who often don’t come from economic means and offer them the world to make them happy and satisfy there needs illigally. Agents will buy anything for these athletes and give them incentives under the table like nothing now days. Many people do not catch on to what these agents are doing and how they are disrespecting the game. For instance, look what happened to Dez Bryant. Dez got caught into lying to the press about his involvment in hanging around Deion Sanders old agent, which in the end bit him in the ass. Alabama coach Nick Saban has had enough with these agents. Lasy week Saban announced that these agents need to stay away from college athletes before the game gets ruined. Saban stressed the importance of agents staying away from athletes. The NCAA needs to word to reduce underhanded agents influence on susceptible college athletes, but focusing solely on agents wont fix the problem. Finances are careening out of control across the college athletics landscape, and player-agent dealings are only the tip if the iceberg.

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